What Is Vaping 

What Is Vaping 

Vape Guide for Smokers Looking to Switch 

Over the last few years, vaping has risen in popularity across the United States. In fact, studies suggest that as many as 11 million people in America currently use electronic cigarettes. 

If you’ve been considering switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping, you’ve probably got some questions. 

What is vaping and is it really better than smoking? Can you switch from cigarettes to a vape device easily and what are the benefits of switching? Below, we will do our best to answer these questions and more. That way, you can decide if vaping is the best option for you. 

About Vaping 

Unlike cigarettes, vape devices don’t actually produce smoke. Instead, they burn a liquid that contains nicotine. Then, they create a form of cooled vapor steam. As you inhale this vapor, you get the same feeling as smoking, but without the carbon monoxide, tar, or tobacco byproducts. 

How Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Devices Work

Vaping devices come in a range of configurations. Not only are there electronic cigarettes, but there are also vape mods, pens, and sticks. No matter what size or style is, these devices work similarly. By using an electronically powered atomizer and wick coils, they heat liquid nicotine salts and create inhalable vapor.

These liquid nicotine formulas are known as e-liquids, e-juices, and nic salts. In most cases, they contain nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. Combined in varying amounts, all three of these ingredients are known to be safe to consume. In fact, the only ingredient that holds potential risks is nicotine, which is why e-liquid should be kept away from children. 

Atomizers and Mod Batteries

To vaporize nicotine salt liquid, e-cig devices utilize an atomizer. Atomizers are the electronic heating components of vape mods. Through the use of a portable rechargeable battery, atomizers receive power and can create cooled vapor steam. 

Mod batteries can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. As such, the more powerful your rechargeable battery is, the longer you can vape. In most cases, these batteries are powered through a micro USB charger.  

Tanks Vape Coils and Cartridge Pods

While some vape devices have tanks filled with e-liquid (nicotine salts), others come with pre-filled cartridges. Otherwise known as pods, these pre-filled cartridges can be clicked into a vape mod. From there, you can take a drag on a vape pen just like you’d smoke a cigarette. After they’re empty, they can be thrown away and replaced. 

Alternatively, vape devices with tanks have small openings where e-liquid can be added. In time, all of the e-liquid will be atomized. Then, you just refill them. While these tanks aren’t themselves disposable, they come with disposable coil wicks that must be replaced. 

Health Benefits of Vaping

Switching from cigarettes to a vape device can offer you a range of benefits that start immediately. Interestingly enough, in as little as 8 hours you’ll begin to reap the benefits of switching to a vape. Here, we’ll look at a timeline of the health benefits. 

8 Hours Without Cigarettes

Within 8 hours, your blood oxygen levels will begin to improve. Since carbon monoxide is leaving your bloodstream, your body will begin to function more effectively. As your oxygen levels continue to improve, you may feel more energetic, calm, or awake. 

1 Day After Switching

After a full day, you’ll no longer have carbon monoxide in your system. Now, your body will start detoxing from the contaminants that cigarettes have imparted into your systems. Therefore, you may begin to cough up mucus and sweat out toxic debris. Not to worry, this shows that your bodily systems are realigning themselves. 

After 1 Week of Vaping  

One week after you make the switch, your body will likely have eliminated most of the toxins imparted by cigarettes. In addition to this, food and beverages may begin to taste better. Your sense of smell will likely begin to strengthen as well. As your oxygen levels continue to improve, you’ll likely feel healthier, stronger, more energetic, and enjoy an elevated mood. 

Putting Everything Together

So what is vaping? Well, it’s possibly the most effective and gentle way to quit smoking and improve your health. Vaping products are readily available online at discount prices. To see a range of amazing vape devices, simply follow this link. From there, you’ll be taken to one of the best online retailers of electronic cigarettes around! 


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