What Are the Different Types of Gold Alloys That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Gold Alloys That Exist Today?

Gold has long been the standard material for jewelry. Because of its illustrious shine, gold has been a long-desired metal for men’s and women’s jewelry for centuries. However, many people don’t understand how jewelers use gold for their designs.

Pure gold is a surprisingly soft metal, which makes it ineffective for jewelry on its own. Its softness would make it difficult to retain a proper shape. Instead, jewelers use several types of gold alloys in their jewelry.

Gold alloys offer several options for jewelry in various cost ranges. In this guide, we’ll explore the best gold alloys and how jewelers use them. Let’s get started!

Most Popular Types of Gold Alloys: Yellow Gold

When people think of gold, this is usually the alloy they have in mind. Yellow gold occurs naturally and is the purest type of gold alloy. It fuses zinc and copper with pure gold in varying proportions to produce different gold karats.

Yellow gold is often the costliest option in gold alloys. However, it is the most hypoallergenic and most easily maintained. For this reason, it is the most popular material for wedding and engagement rings.

White Gold

White gold has a silvery sheen that, in recent years, has gained in popularity. Manufacturers create white gold by mixing gold with copper, zinc, and palladium. Afterward, they plate the material with a dense element known as rhodium.

Over time, rhodium wears away. However, you can repair this problem by putting the material through a replating process. Generally, white gold is a more affordable choice than its yellow gold counterpart.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has become another favorite for wedding and engagement rings. Its unique hue bolsters a warm, romantic sentiment. This gold alloy uses an increased level of copper while incorporating less silver.

The result of this copper increase is rose gold’s beautiful color. The more copper this alloy uses, the more red color it gains. These shades have also given the alloy its other names of “pink gold” and “red gold.”

Black Gold

If you want a trendy and bold design, black gold is an excellent choice for you. This gold is not truly black; instead, it utilizes black rhodium plating over white gold.

The result of this plating is a classic black finish, in addition to a shiny aesthetic. This black color contrasts beautifully with several gemstones.

Gold Plating

Another option on the gold market is to use gold-plated jewelry. These pieces include less gold than the alloys named above. Instead, jewelers apply gold plating to base metals like brass.

Typically, these jewelry pieces are among the most affordable gold items on the market. However, as the adage says, “you get what you paid for.” In exchange for affordability, you’ll likely find that gold plating wears off quickly.

Find the Best Gold Jewelry!

Once you understand the different types of gold alloys, you can make informed decisions about your gold jewelry. With their different looks and prices, you can find beautiful pieces of all kinds!

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