What Are The Best Facial Saunas Of 2020?

 What Are The Best Facial Saunas Of 2020?

Facial Saunas-Going to the beauty salon every week for a facial wash can quickly get expensive. In many beauty salons you will be offered a facial sauna. This is based on a practice common to many cultures: the sauna or the steam bath. In a facial sauna, however, the steam is directed directly to the face.

With a facial sauna for your home, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of the sauna from the comfort of your home. This not only gives you the feeling of being in the spa, but also takes care of your facial skin in a constant and controlled way.

Read our shopping guide to facial saunas and discover the benefits and purchase criteria to consider when buying one.

Important to know

Facial saunas are spa steam treatments for the face, but at home. You can easily experience a facial sauna by buying the best products on the market, at comfortable prices. Many models have different functions, so you can use the vaporizer for beauty treatments, as a humidifier or against a cold.

A facial sauna has many benefits for the skin. It opens the pores and stimulates the flow of sebum in order to excrete the waste that accumulates inside the skin. In addition, it increases blood flow to your skin by taking in more oxygen and activating cell regeneration. Learn more about facial steam

Not all skin types benefit from a facial sauna. It is therefore important to get to know your skin type and determine if you will benefit from this treatment before purchasing the product. With sensitive skin care you have to be more careful. Other types of skins, such as skins with acne problems, can benefit enormously from these types of treatments.

Our Selection: The best facial saunas on the market

The latest facial sauna devices on the market are very versatile. You can use them for beauty treatments, aromatherapy and a cold. Normally, such treatments are only performed in beauty salons, but with a facial sauna you can also do this at home. Below you will find an overview of the best models, based on their price and quality.

  • The most sold facial sauna
  • The best dual-purpose facial sauna
  • The best facial sauna with ion technology
  • The best versatile facial sauna
  • The easiest to use facial sauna

The most sold facial sauna

The regular use of the MEASTEAM facial sauna helps to remove black points and other impurities, stimulates the circulation of the face and makes your skin softer and more radiant. Thanks to the separate nose inhaler, you can use essential oils to relieve a stuffy nose and clear the airways.

The advantage of this product is that the water boils in about 3 minutes and that there are 2 different intensities levels (depending on the sensitivity of the skin).

The best dual-purpose facial sauna

The Carmen Perfect Steam facial steamer has a double function; it can be used as a facial steamer or as a nasal mask. The preformed face mask provides extra comfort. The facial steamer is also equipped with an easy-to-fill water reservoir, indicator light, measuring cup and on / off switch.

The water tank may only be filled with water, so not with other liquids such as essential oils and / or aromatic oils. The Perfect Steam has a steam protector in the face mask part. The water tank is made of stainless steel.


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