What Are Some of the Advantages of Using Lead Tracking Software?

What Are Some of the Advantages of Using Lead Tracking Software?

It’s hard to imagine any business enterprise that can’t benefit from the generation and management of online leads. The key is to know how to evaluate your efforts and how they result in attention that ultimately motivates visitors to become customers. Opting for the right type of lead tracking software will help you get a better idea of what’s working and what needs to change. Here are some of the key advantages that this type of software will produce.

Getting An Idea of Which Consumer Demographics Find Their Way to Your Pages

Software of this type does more than identifying the number of hits your website or landing pages generate. The details captured can provide insights into the type of consumers who are visiting those pages as well as your blog and social media posts. That in turn can aid in enhancing your overall marketing strategy so that it’s more targeted.

For example, you may find that most of the hits are coming from business professionals associated with a certain industry. It could be that most of your hits are from people living in a certain part of the country. The depth of detail that the software can capture will vary from one product to the next; that’s why selecting the software with care is so important.

And Which Pages Are Attracting the Most Attention

You also get an idea of what is attracting the most attention from visitors and motivating them to hang around a little longer. It could be specific pages on your company website. Perhaps it’s a landing page that’s placing high in search engine rankings and generating a lot of attention. Maybe your social media posts are a major source of leads or there are blog posts on specific topics that seem to generate a lot of visitors.

You can take that data and use it in several ways. One has to do with how long visitors stay on those pages. If they do tend to linger and maybe click over to read something on a different page on the site, that lead can be considered more qualified and have more potential for becoming a customer.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Call to Action Statements

Calls to Action or CTAs are a common element in all sorts of online content. You want them on each of your site’s pages so interested parties have an easy way to engage in the action you recommend. They should also be part of your social media posts, blog posts, landing pages, and any guest posts you make on other blogs.

The right lead tracking software will help you get a better idea of how many visitors are clicking on the links embedded in those calls to action. It may be taking them to a page where they can sign up for notifications, request more information, or set up an account to shop in your online store. How well those calls to action result in more engagement will tell you if they’re working or if it’s time to refine them in some way.

Evaluating the Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a means of assigning a value to every action that the page visitor makes. That ranges from remaining on the page long enough to read all the content, clicking on a CTA link, filling out some sort of form, or moving over to a product page or even the page where you have a pricing matrix.

For each of these and other actions, a set value is assigned. All actions by the visitor result in a score. If the score is over a certain amount, then you may have a lead that’s on the way to becoming a customer. Once the lead is a customer, the scoring can also tell you if those new clients are following certain patterns when they visit your pages and then place another order.

There’s no doubt that lead tracking software can make a difference. Along with providing a wealth of data, the software can automate some actions so those leads receive more engagement from your business. Take advantage of a free trial and see what you think. After using the software for a few weeks, you may find all sorts of ways to use that data to grow your business.


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