Top Ways to Turn Unwanted Jewellery and Watches Into Cash Today

Top Ways to Turn Unwanted Jewellery and Watches Into Cash Today

Did you know that people love to buy jewelry? If you want to make some extra money and sell your pieces, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over where you could sell some pieces. Do you want to sell watches? You might have extra earrings or rings. You can sell these pieces and get rid of clutter in your home.

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Find a Fine Jeweler

Do you own expensive pieces that you would like to sell? You want to make sure you find the right buyer for high-value items. Check out this complete guide if you want to learn how to sell your Rolex watch.

For other pieces, search online and see if there are local jewelers in your area. If there’s a local fine jeweler, consider bringing your pieces to the store.

The jeweler will buy your piece at a lower price because they want to sell it at a higher amount. Sometimes, the jeweler will melt the piece down so they can turn it into something else.

Search online and find a store near where you live. If there aren’t reputable stores near where you live, try to go to the nearest city.

Make sure you read reviews of the store before choosing one. You want to make sure you find a decent store.

Try Selling to a Pawn Shop

Consider selling some pieces at a pawn shop. Search online and find a local pawn shop in your area.

Bring your pieces to a pawn shop. The pawn shop will lend you money. Then, they will hold onto your item as collateral.

Once you’re able to pay that initial amount, you can return your item. You could also sell your item to the pawnshop.

Take the item and sell it for a sum. Try to haggle with the clerk, so you get a reasonable price. Know roughly how much your pieces are worth.

Try to Sell to Online Gold Buyers

Do you have gold pieces you’d like to sell? Some companies run online stores to buy people’s jewelry.

You may sign a contract when you sell your fine jewelry. The agreement will outline what you’re selling, and much you will receive.

Make sure you take your time reading the contract. Ask questions if you’re unsure about some of the terms.

Sell Broken Pieces

Do you have damaged or broken pieces of jewelry? Some people end up losing one of their earrings, or the chain gets twisted together. You don’t need to throw these items away. Instead, sell them to someone.

You should consider selling these items for scrap. Bring the pieces to a gold buying location or a jeweler. They will buy your broken pieces.

The people will weigh the items, and you’ll get paid according to their weight. Get a few offers on your pieces before you choose a buyer.

Try Selling Costume Pieces

On eBay, there’s a massive market for people who sell costume jewelry.

You should know the measurements of the pieces, how old they are, and if they have damage. Make sure you provide a detailed listing for these different pieces.

Do you plan to sell a bunch of pieces? Consider selling the pieces as a lot.

Try Selling Parts on Etsy

Look at selling some pieces on Etsy. You can sell parts. Do you have some crafty pieces? Consider selling the broken beads, pieces, chains, or pendants on Etsy.

There’s a market for these kinds of pieces on Etsy. It doesn’t cost much to create a listing there, either. People all over the world will browse through your listings.

Try Selling on Craigslist

Another market to sell your pieces are Craigslist. You can sell your pieces there.

Bring someone with you when meeting the buyer. You don’t want to meet a stranger alone. Also, make sure you ask the person to meet you in a public spot.

You can sell moderate-priced pieces on Craigslist like watches or jewelry. Make sure you don’t try and sell some more valuable pieces on Craigslist.

Head to a Local Market

Rent a table if you have a ton of pieces. You will spend around 10 dollars on renting the table, but you’ll have many people coming to browse your pieces.

Some people will find success selling pieces at a local market or a flea market. If you have other items you’d like to sell, like bags or belts, consider bringing them as well.

Head to an Antique Store

Were your pieces made before the 70s? Try to sell some of your pieces at a local antique store. You might get a better price from a vintage collector instead.

You could also ask them to put you in touch with some vendors. Then you can sell to a reputable jeweler. Antique store owners tend to know jewelers in the area.

Sell Watches and Jewelry Today

We hope this guide on selling jewelry pieces was helpful. Sell watches to a local jeweler or bring them to an antique store.

You could also sell some of your pieces at a pawn shop. Make sure you get a few prices before you choose a buyer. You want a good deal. Ask around for a reputable seller.

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