Top 6 Best Places to Find RX Discount Coupons

Top 6 Best Places to Find RX Discount Coupons

About 53% of Americans take at least one prescription drug. But due to costs, 19% don’t fill prescriptions, and 12% cut pills in half. Another 18% take an over-the-counter alternative instead.

This article discusses Rx discount programs and how they ease your costs. Make note of this list of the top 6 places to find Rx discount coupons.

Rx Discount Coupons

If you’ve received a pharmacy discount card or Rx saver coupons in the mail, they’re not scams. But these Rx discount cards and coupons could save you money.

Most of the following companies have millions of people using their mobile applications. And over 60,000 pharmacies honor the reduced prices offered by these programs.

Check them out and tell a friend. Search for your medications and get coupons to use on your next prescription refill.

1. Good Rx

According to Good Rx, prescription prices vary among retail pharmacies. For some prescriptions, the difference is more than $100. But the Good Rx coupon app offers a marketplace of competitive prices.

You can use their free service or pay for extra savings with GoodRx Gold.

GoodRx coupons and discount cards allow for reduced pricing. And it’s available whether you have insurance or not. This “industry disruptor” has saved consumers over $20 billion with Rx pharmacy coupons.

2. Opium Perks

You can get savings via Optum Perks program Rx discount coupons via text. But if that’s not possible, you can also email or print your coupon card. Either way, Optum Perks may provide a better discount than your insurance plan.

3. ScriptSave WellRx

Consumers in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam can save using the ScriptSave WellRx program. Their prescription Rx coupons could save you 60% on average or as much as 80%. The ScriptSave WellRx program doesn’t offer the greatest savings but it’s something.

They too have a mobile app and website where you can search and compare drug prices. With ScriptSave WellRx you can save on pet prescriptions too.

4. America’s Pharmacy

America’s Pharmacy discount plan offers prescription drugs at up to 80% savings. But they do not cover all name-brand medications. America’s Pharmacy is for adults over 18 and their families and pets.

Using their mobile app or website, search medications then download available Rx coupons.

5. Blink Health

They may be one of the smaller programs but Blink Health has big conveniences. Its 750,000 users receive discounts and can have prescriptions delivered. Consumers also have the choice of having prescriptions sent to one of over 35,000 pharmacies.

Enter your zip code and prescription in the Blink Health app for a list of pharmacies and pricing. With their small network, not all prescriptions are available at your regular pharmacy.

6. SingleCare

SingleCare has a small network of participating pharmacies too, but up to 80% savings. What’s nice about SingleCare is its Bonus Savings program. You can earn rewards to use toward lowering your discounted prices even more.

SingleCare estimates user’s savings at over one billion dollars since 2014.

Find Savings With Rx Discount Coupons

Never pay the full retail price for another prescription medication. Search the website of one of our top 6 places to find Rx discount coupons. With up to 80% savings available at thousands of pharmacies, never skip filling another prescription again.

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