The Different Types of Medical Exam Tables, Explained

The Different Types of Medical Exam Tables, Explained

Are you wondering about the different types of medical exam tables? Whether you are launching a private practice or are looking for replacement tables for your hospital, finding the right medical exam tables is key.

When you have the right exam tables, you can enhance patient support, provide your staff with access to patients, and make sure your patients are comfortable in the process. However, if you have the wrong tables, your patients will be uncomfortable and your exams won’t be as effective.

Fortunately, choosing the right tables can be a straightforward process. By understanding your options and knowing what you need, you can choose the best exam tables for your practice.

If you are looking for exams tables but aren’t sure what options are available, here are a few types to consider.

Pediatric Exam Tables

A common table you might use in your practice is a pediatric exam table. This type of table is used if you treat children and need an exam table small enough to accommodate a child. These tables are usually bright in color and come with a built-in digital scale.

Treatment Exam Tables

One of the most common tables to use is a treatment table. This type of table is used for massage therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and more.

Treatment tables come with a variety of options for padding, storage, and adjustable settings. If you need a quality treatment exam table, you can find out more here.

Procedure Exam Tables

If you perform minor procedures in your practice, you likely need a procedure table. This type of medical treatment table is more of a chair than a table. A procedure table can rotate, contains storage drawers, and comfortable upholstery.

Power Exam Tables

One of the best medical exam tables for your practice is a power exam table. This type of table is convenient, as you can adjust it with just a touch of a button. Power exam tables are great for all practices and most in-office procedures.

Manual Exam Tables

A manual exam table is similar to a power table, however, it is manually operated. These tables generally come with a headrest, footrest, and extra storage. If you have a small space, manually tables are ideal.

ADA Exam Tables

If you treat patients who have a hard time using a traditional table, consider an ADA exam table. These tables come with an electric lift that brings the patient to a sitting position on the table.

These Are the Different Types of Medical Exam Tables You Can Use

There are many different types of medical exam tables you can use in your practice.

One of the most common types of tables is a treatment table. Depending on your needs, you should also consider power and manual exam tables. If you treat elderly or disabled patients or children at your practice, you might also need pediatric and ADA exam tables.

These are the most common medical exam tables used today.

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