A Complete Guide to Lighting Controls

A Complete Guide to Lighting Controls

It’s incredibly frustrating to come back home and find you left the lights on for hours. You know those hours cost a pretty penny, and you can’t help but wonder if there’s an easy way to control your lights to avoid those unnecessary costs. Lighting controls can help you do just that.

We now have more power over how the spaces we live and work in are lit with lighting controls. Read on to discover how lighting controls work and why you should incorporate them into your space.

What Are Lighting Control Systems?

Lighting control systems control the lighting in a single room, a whole home or business, or a building section. Lighting controls have evolved as more people have adopted LED lights.

In addition to turning lights on or off and dimming lights, they can automatically control lighting color and monitor lighting.

Lighting control systems help you have the right light at the right time. They do this through several different lighting control techniques, including the following:

  • Manual – Controlled by a switch or button pressed by a person
  • Occupancy – Lights only turn on when it’s in use
  • Time Scheduling – Lights will turn on or off at a set time

How Does Lighting Control Work?

Lighting control systems are often wired into a home or building based on lighting design and needs. They can be single or multiple circuits, allowing you to control the output in different areas.

Some lighting control systems are wireless, meaning they can be controlled from a single remote or your smartphone. The drawback of wireless systems is that fewer devices can be controlled. You can make your home a true smart home by connecting your lighting controls with other smart devices for other systems in your home.

Commercial lighting control systems and home lighting control systems need different equipment. You can install these systems yourself, but it’s best to hire a lighting expert to ensure your system operates efficiently. To explore your options for lighting control solutions, visit https://baypower.com/.

Benefits of Lighting Controls

Lighting controls make it easy to have the proper lighting in your home or office. Besides never forgetting to shut off your lights, here are a few more benefits of lighting controls.

Create Ambiance

With lighting controls, you can set your indoor lighting to work with the natural lighting of your space. This control can help make your home or business more energy-efficient. You can also set lights for different scenarios like reading or watching TV, so you always have the best lighting for whatever you are doing.

Boost Productivity and Safety

68% of workers are unhappy with their lighting at work. Good lighting makes employees more alert, so they are more productive and make fewer mistakes. The right office lighting can also help reduce eyestrain and headaches and help employees manage stress.

With automated lighting controls, you won’t have to fumble around in the dark and risk injury to turn on the lights. As a result, your space will be safer for those living or working in it. Lighting controls can also be used to set emergency lighting to help guide people out of the building.

Energy Efficient

Lighting controls allow you to create a system based on how you use it. You can use different methods to ensure your lights are only on when they need to be. That way, you are not unnecessarily using electricity and increasing your bill.

Your Lights How You Want

Lighting controls are versatile and can help you manage the lighting in your space based on your usage and needs. From simple controlling a room to a whole business, lighting controls can help you create the feel you want while reducing your energy costs.

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