Who is Icicle in ‘Stargirl’?

Who is Icicle in ‘Stargirl’?

Every good superhero TV show and movie needs at least one proper supervillain for the hero to take on. The new show Stargirl, created and produced by Geoff Johns, offers plenty of incredibly supervillains to draw in fans and keep them on the edge of their seat. One supervillain is Icicle, the mastermind behind Project New America. Learn more about him below. 

Who is Jordan Mahkent?

Jordan Mahkent is a successful businessman and CEO of the company The American Dream. He lost his wife, Christine Mahkent, and has a son named Cameron who attends Blue Valley High. After the death of his wife from cancer, Jordan left Cameron to be raised by his parents and traveled the world to look for the people responsible for the chemicals that led to his wife’s death.

He made plenty of observations about the state of the world during his travels, which inspired him to form Project New America. The show “Stargirl” details how much Jordan’s wife meant to him, despite the fact that he may have killed a man to eliminate competition for her attention.

To the outside world, he seems ambitious and an upright citizen that strives for success. Behind closed doors, he reveals his true self to lack empathy and with complex motives and emotions. When he sets out to change the world for the “better”, he often kills people who get in his way while presenting as Icicle.

Who is Icicle?

Icicle is Jordan Mahkent’s alter ego, and he has several interesting abilities that some speculate are genetic. He has cryokinesis abilities, which allow him to freeze objects and create ice substances, like bridges made out of ice or ice spikes to use as weapons. He can freeze objects up close or at a distance, and one of his main forms of attack is his ice attack, temporarily making weapons or armor useless.

He can also turn himself into a version made of ice, which forms a protective layer around his body that does not allow weapons to affect him. The only known weapon that can cause him harm in this state is the Cosmic Staff.

It is believed that Icicle was the one who ultimately killed Starman.

What is the Project New America?

Project New America is Icicle’s plan to make the world a “better” place by controlling the minds of millions of people. He pitches his plan by making it seem as though he could rid the world of many major problems like climate change and racism by altering millions of people’s thoughts and realities. Getting rid of free will altogether would also allow him to advance his cause.

Because of these plans, however, it was estimated that about 25 million people would die in the process.

Where to Watch ‘Stargirl’

To see Icicle in action, you can watch Stargirl for free on The CW. You can also stream it with a subscription to HBO Max or YouTube TV, or you can purchase individual episodes on Amazon, Apple TV, and Google Play.


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