When Do You Use Which Product? The 7 Steps To Glowing Skin

When Do You Use Which Product? The 7 Steps To Glowing Skin

The beauty industry is a booming business and that sometimes makes it difficult to choose which products are necessary for good skincare and which are unnecessary. In what order should you use all those creams and serums?

What should you pay attention to when purchasing new skincare products? Which ingredients are important and how do you know which cream is best for your skin? This guide to the ideal skincare routine is your short cut to glowing skin.

glowing skin

We understand best. Sometimes you are too tired at night or too late in the morning to pay attention to your skin for more than five minutes. Yet it pays to put in a little more time and effort here because our skin has to endure a lot.

For example, it is important to protect your skin with the right care against air pollution and UV radiation. Your skin needs hydration, could use some help in removing old skin cells, and anti-aging plays a role, even if you are not nearly that old.

You can divide your skincare into three main basic steps: cleansing, toning, and hydration and adding extra steps if you have the time. Learn more skincare routine 


To find the cream and routine that is right for you, you must first determine your skin type. It’s not rocket science, but we’ll explain it to you anyway. With normal skin, you have no skin problems, dry or oily spots and your pores are small.

Lucky you! If your skin feels pulling and you sometimes suffer from flakes or dull skin, then you have dry skin. Oily skin is more prone to blackheads and pimples and the pores are more visible.

Finally, there is a combination of skin where the T-zone of your face (forehead, nose, and chin) is oilier than the rest. Your cheeks can then be normal or dry.

2. CLEANING-Glowing Skin

Cleaning is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. Your skin comes into daily contact with air pollution and other dirt that must be removed in the evening.

And it is also important to clean your face in the morning to prevent clogged pores. How you do that depends on your skin type and personal preference. A cleanser is suitable for all skin types, but oily skin does well with a foaming cleanser, while dry skin requires a milder version or an oil.

It is important to rinse the skin with water after the cleanser. Another popular option for all skin types is micellar water,  which contains molecules that pull dirt from your skin without causing dryness and no need to rinse with water.

3. TONING-Glowing Skin

After cleansing your skin with a cleanser, use a toner to remove the last remnants of your cleanser, and soothe your skin. For the beauty nitwits: a toner is a thin liquid that also contains ingredients that are good for your skin and that ensures that the other products in your regime do their work even better.

You can apply the toner with a cotton ball or with your hands and when choosing a toner it is important to see if it suits your skin type. A good toner balances the pH value that is important for healthy skin.

4. EXFOLIATOR-Glowing Skin

An exfoliator is like a mild scrub for your face, but it works very differently. A good exfoliator contains acids that ensure that dead skin cells release more easily from the inside, without damaging the skin and that ensures a fresh and radiant appearance.

As you get older and due to other factors such as sun damage, it becomes more difficult for the skin to dispose of those dead skin cells themselves and an exfoliator comes in handy. Your skin has to get used to this, so build it up slowly. Start with once or twice a week.

Once you get used to it, you can use an exfoliator daily and you will notice that it is a miracle cure for pimples, wrinkles, and dry skin. However, it is extra important to moisturize your skin properly afterward.

5. SERUM-Glowing Skin

 Opinions vary about the use of a serum. One expert says to do, the other says unnecessarily. Serums are thinner than a day or night cream and usually contain a higher concentration of active ingredients.

Opponents say that you can also get those active ingredients from your cream. Proponents see a serum as a means to tackle specific problems such as wrinkles or pigmentation spots.

So you can also use different serums for different zones, depending on what your skin needs. You apply the serum under your day or night cream and you could also use it as a replacement for your night cream.

6. MOISTURIZE-Glowing Skin

The ultimate moment in your skincare routine is to apply a day cream in the morning and night cream in the evening. You can also adjust these moisturizers to your skin type and both are intended to hydrate and soften the skin.

They prevent moisture loss and help the skin’s natural protective layer. Even in winter, it is important to protect your skin from UV rays and while there are many creams with an SPF already in it, it is much better to use sunscreen. spread separately over your day cream.

The very best anti-aging tip is sun protection and separate sun protection works better than an SPF in your day cream. In addition, an SPF in your day cream can influence the other active ingredients.

Because the skin around your eyes is a bit more sensitive, you can use a separate eye cream for this, but you can also choose a day cream that is so mild that you can also use it for the glowing skin around your eyes.


Finally: for all products that you use for your skincare routine: check the ingredients list. Don’t let difficult terms put you off, but look for the ingredients that suit your glowing skin type and get good advice.

Avoid products with alcohol and make sure that perfume is only mentioned last on the ingredients list because that means that a product does not contain too much perfume.

Proven ingredients include retinol, vitamin E, and vitamin C. There are also ingredients that you should avoid, including parabens, mineral oils, and silicones. Say hi to glowing skin. 

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