What is Online Presence? A Guide for Startups

What is Online Presence? A Guide for Startups

77% of small businesses use social media to boost their sales, and it works.

So if you’re not using socials and you’re still wondering, ‘what is online presence?’ it’s time to think about how you can build one.

Whether you’re running an in-person or online business, every professional should be using all the tools available to get more web traffic. If you aren’t, you can rest assured that your competitors are – so what are you waiting for?

Read on to learn how to build an online presence for your business.

What Is Online Presence?

Online entrepreneurship is all about catering to every customers’ needs and making your business accessible to all.

It’s all about online presence for startups in the early days – you need to get yourself known and recognized.

Your online presence is made up of two aspects. First, what you say about yourselves (owned). Second, what other people say about you (earned).

In 2021, most people will research a business online before committing to a purchase. So, both your owned and earned online presence is critical if you want to continue trading.

How Can I Build My Online Presence?

If your online presence isn’t up to scratch, you need an entire marketing rethink. You need to review everything from your Twitter account, to google reviews, to your website quality.

Start with socials – how’s your engagement on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn? You should put together a content posting plan and make sure you’re consistent.

Aim to provide informative posts that encourage your viewers to convert into loyal customers. Track your engagement statistics and leverage the power of social media for your business.

A steadfast social media strategy will help drive traffic to your website – that’s the next thing to look at.

Digital marketing trends are changing all the time, and if your website hasn’t had a re-vamp in the last few years, it’s definitely time. Potential customers will base their perception of your product quality on their experience of your website.

You will not get sales if your website is outdated, glitchy, slow, or too complicated. It’s that simple.

Accessing a brand’s website should be an easy, if not enjoyable, experience. If you aren’t a tech whizz, there are companies like https://azurodigital.com/ that can do the hard work for you.

Improve Your Online Presence Today: Get Sales Tomorrow

No more wondering, ‘what is online presence?’ that’s the whistlestop tour to all you need to know. Now, not only do you know what it is, but you also know why you need to get up to speed on Google, your website, and socials.

No matter how well or poorly the business is going right now, optimizing your online presence should be your number one priority.

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