What Are the Main Types of Small Business Lawyers?

What Are the Main Types of Small Business Lawyers?

It’s hard to find anyone that enjoys dealing with lawyers. However, you can’t be too careful when you run a business. You don’t want to face issues down the line because you failed to get legal advice early in your business journey.

Small business lawyers can help you make sure you get the results you need in the legal system, so it pays to know your options. Below are the most common types of lawyers you’ll see in business.

Contract Lawyer

While you may be able to run a business without contracts if you’re small, the chances are good things won’t stay that way when you grow. You’ll need contracts for employees, freelancers, partners, and many other people.

The question is, do you know what makes up a good contract? A great contract lawyer will help make sure you aren’t getting a bad deal with your contracts. Let them look over everything you sign, so you aren’t caught by surprise by unfavorable terms.

Tax Lawyer

You won’t only have the responsibility to pay your personal income tax when you start a business. You’ll hold responsibility for paying the second part of your self-employment tax and any taxes for every person you hire.

A great tax lawyer can help you nail down how much money you owe to the government. They can look through your business structure and tell you what you need to pay and help you save money with deductions. On top of that, your tax lawyer will always be there if you get questions from the government.

Employment Lawyer

You won’t need to deal with many employment issues if you only hire freelancers. However, things get more complicated when you start hiring people to work for your business on your payroll.

A firm like Gorvins LLP can help you get all your legal issues in order when hiring people. They’ll make sure your employment contracts look right and that you follow all labor laws for your country.

Intellectual Property Lawyer

Some businesses can get by selling regular products and services that have existed for a while. However, sometimes a company comes along that creates something new. In those cases, you’ll need an intellectual property lawyer to help you protect your creation.

An intellectual property lawyer will help you file the paperwork with the government to protect your creation from copycats. Doing this means you can take advantage of your creation for several years before anyone else is allowed to create a similar product.

There Are Other Types of Small Business Lawyers Out There

While you may never see the need to hire a small business lawyer, that doesn’t mean that the day will never come. You need to know the types of attorneys out there, so you know how to call if you ever run into problems. The above are only a few common small business lawyers, so make sure you familiarize yourself with the others out there.

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