Virtual Touchpoints Can Enhance Your Virtual Event Guest Experience

Virtual Touchpoints Can Enhance Your Virtual Event Guest Experience

The internet is everywhere and completely integrated with modern daily life. More businesses than ever before are investing in improving their digital presence. In the past year alone, employees around the world were forced to work from home and companies had to implement new technologies to make that happen.

One of the innovative trends has been the implementation of digital touchpoints. These touchpoints refer to any interactions that take place between a business and its customers through electronic devices, such as smartphones and computers.

If you’re wondering how to provide a satisfactory virtual event guest experience, here’s some information that can help.

What Is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is any event that happens online rather than in person. Some examples include webinars, video conferences, and on-demand classes.

As COVID-19 spread across the world, more companies and brands than ever before we’re forced to implement virtual interactions to compensate for social distancing orders. Conventions and trade shows were two types of events that were heavily impacted by these changes.

In response, virtual events started to become a trend in 2021 that b2b marketers took advantage of.

Even though a company wouldn’t be able to meet with partners and customers face to face, virtual events were more convenient than the alternative. Attendees could check in from the comfort of their offices or homes instead of booking a flight and a hotel.

The video conferencing app, Zoom, took center stage as one way to connect with up to 100 participants for free. With the Large Meeting add-on, as many as 1,000 people could join a single call.

What Are Virtual Touchpoints?

Connect with participants through a video call is one part of the total experience, however. You also have to find a way to interact with them and let them interact back. That’s where virtual touchpoints come in.

A virtual touchpoint is how your clients and customers interact with your brand through the internet. In sales, this can include product reviews, email support, and customer feedback. You can also connect with them through social media and create a community space.

When it comes to improving the guest experience at your virtual meetings, it’s important to keep them talking about the event and sharing it with their own followers.

One way to do so is by encouraging attendees to share their thoughts on the event on social media for a chance to win a free month of your service. Not only does this give them content for their accounts, but it can also help you turn their followers into potential leads.

Activities, games, and trivia are another way to motivate your attendees. Not only does this allow them to network with other guests, but it keeps people from getting bored during the long video conferences.

If you want to give attendees more engagement between sessions, you can set up a registrar for them to connect with other businesses on their own time.

Most importantly, don’t treat the event like a one-and-done situation. Encourage guests to interact on your social media page after it’s over.

Industries That Benefit

Digital transformation for your business is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s modern world. Everyone and their mother has a smartphone and a Facebook account. You need to take advantage of the internet to connect with your customers and clients.

Every business has the potential to utilize virtual touchpoints to improve its guest experience.

While babysitting has traditionally been an in-person occupation, there are a couple of entrepreneurs that have turned it into a virtual occupation. While parents are working from home, a digital babysitter can help occupy a child’s attention.

Doctors have also turned to online touchpoints to provide safe, at-home care. It’s easier for patients, and it takes some of the stress out of a doctor’s visit.

Staying Proactive

Planning a virtual event is a much different endeavor than a live one. While there’s much less physical maneuvering, you also don’t want to provide the bare minimum. Speakers are only entertaining up to a certain point.

Decide on the overall goal of the event. If it would normally operate as a way for people to network, you have to give them some kind of opportunity to do so.

A benefit of a virtual meeting is that you can turn mics off and on as you please. Designate who can talk and for how long during a questions and answers portion. You can also set up separate break-out rooms for people to talk and participate in an activity.

Your virtual touchpoints should serve to enhance the overall experience, so consider what benefits your brand and your guests.

The Future of Digital Customer Service

As far as customer service goes, there are already multiple venues for customers to reach out to a company. Outside of direct calls or emails, they can connect with you through social media, video calls, and text messaging.

In some cases, people have gotten coupons and gift cards directly from companies by contacting them through Twitter.

Although more companies are returning to in-person interactions, people have seen now that virtual interactions work as well. Some employees have found themselves performing better at home, and companies have noticed.

Real-time messaging with a business speeds up the whole process, and customer service through the internet is easier to track and account for than over the phone.

Improve Virtual Meetings and Guest Experience

Although your most recent events have been virtual, that doesn’t mean your guests don’t deserve the best guest experience possible. There’s a lot you can do through the internet.

Give attendees face to face time with guest speakers. Break them into groups to brainstorm ideas and network with one another. Use these virtual touchpoints to stimulate their attention and drive your brand awareness.

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