Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Own a Pet

Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Own a Pet

Did you know that people who own pets are statistically less likely to suffer from depression than non-pet owners? This isn’t limited to just adults either!

Believe it or not, the benefits of owning a pet can have a massive impact on how your children grow up in the world. If you’re wondering ‘why should I own a pet?’ or weighing out the pros and cons of owning a pet for your kids, you’ve come to the right place.

Follow along to discover five reasons why your kids should own a pet and the distinct benefits of furry friends for childhood development.

1. Teaches Responsibility

One of our favorite benefits of owning a pet is the responsibility it naturally teaches your children. Whether they are in charge of feeding their furry friend, exercising it daily, or even picking up landmines in the backyard, they quickly learn the responsibility that comes along with their choices.

If you’re worried that you’ll end up stuck with the responsibilities of caring for a pet, there are plenty of great resources to help you define the roles for your children and promote positive training habits. Check out The Pet Savvy for a number of great child-specific resources.

2. Promotes Physical Activity

Are your kids glued to the TV screen or always preoccupied with their phones? A pet provides the perfect incentive to get outdoors and get active.

With so much energy to burn, your child’s new pet will need a lot of exercises. This is a great way to get your kids moving without even realizing it! They’ll be so distracted by their new pet, they won’t notice the time away from those pesky screens.

3. Improves Mental Health and Self-Esteem

Kids can suffer from mental health too. In fact, the pains of growing often result in feelings of low self-esteem and unhappiness – especially when the hormones hit.

Having pets around helps improve your kid’s mental state by increasing their levels of happiness and providing them with unconditional love.

4. Helps Them Develop Respect and Empathy

Empathy is a valuable skill set in life. While some people have it naturally, many of us have to work to develop an understanding of respect and empathy for success in adult life.

By teaching children from a young age to be gentle and kind to their pets, they get a head start on developing these key skills. By having no other way to communicate, empathy is your child’s only way of understanding their four-legged best friend.

5. Provides Comfort and Companionship

Finally, having a pet provides comfort and companionship that can make a child feel more secure and loved. While you are already doing a great job making your kids feel safe and appreciated, pets are that cherry on top of the comfort pie that helps to boost security.

At the end of the day, there’s no bond quite like a child and their pet.

Why Your Child Should Own a Pet

Now that you know the key benefits of owning a pet for your loved ones, you too can fulfill your childhood dream and own a pet. From teaching them valuable life skills to making them feel loved and secure, the pros of pet ownership are simply undeniable.

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