Tips For Childproofing Your Doors

Tips For Childproofing Your Doors

With a simple pull, your child can go out of the house without you knowing and become vulnerable to worldly threats. Hence, this is why it is important that you childproof your door, whether you have composite doors the UK, timber doors, or any other type of doors. Here are some easy tips for childproof your doors.

#1 Install A Security Chain:

The first thing that comes to mind, when one is thinking of making the doors to their home more secure and safe, is a security chain. A security chain or a deadbolt is the easiest method of childproofing your doors. The method for unlocking it as not as simple as just turning the knob, so your child won’t be able to open it and slip out of the door without your notice.

#2 Cover Your Doorknobs:

There are also other options for doorknobs that may be otherwise practical but can be somewhat of a risk. Round doorknobs are one such example.

They are pretty easy for children to reach and open. Do not fret, there are covers for round doorknobs that require a certain action to unlock, therefore preventing the child from unlocking it.

#3 Install Felt Covers:

This is especially for sliding doors, as well as windows. Sliding doors are pretty easy for children to handle, they just have to slide it across, which even makes it entertainment for them. Beware, this entertainment can cause serious risks if your child gets their fingers pinched in the door.

Therefore, it’ll be a smart and safe option to attach felt covers to the edge of your sliding doors. Make sure they aren’t too thick, otherwise the door won’t close properly.

#4 Lock the Lever Handles:

Along with round doorknobs, lever handles are also quite common. You can find them on many common door designs, like a composite door manchester. They are the easiest for children to open; they just have to grab the handle and pull it down, and they’ll be able to slip out of your sight. That is why it is best to attach locks for lever handles, which make the lever handle accessible only with a certain security action that an adult can achieve.

#5 Sliding Door Locks:

Since sliding doors are no problem for children to operate, it is necessary that you install security to these doors as well. The answer is quite simple. Any locksmith will provide you with an additional security feature that you can attach to your sliding door lock. It will be higher than a child’s reach, and easy for adults to open.

#6 Top Door Lock:

Locks or latches at the top of the door are also a smart idea to childproof your door. Even standing on a chair, it won’t be easy for a small child to open it without you being aware of it.

From wooden doors to composite doors, childproofing it is crucial if you have children at home, to ensure maximum security.


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