This Is How to Drink More Water Every Day

While it might be okay to skip the gym or forget to floss, there’s one health habit that will kill you within just a few days if you don’t do it.

That habit is: drinking water.

While you may not be on the brink of life-threatening dehydration, there’s still a good chance you’re not getting adequate water. Yet the benefits of water for good health and energy are nearly endless.

Find out how to drink more water with these easy tips you can use every day.

Calculate How Much Water You Really Need

First, it’s hard to know if you drink enough water if you’re not sure how much you really need. Everyone’s body is different, and the amount of water we need is different too.

While some follow the eight-glasses-a-day rule, you may want to try a hydration calculator instead to find out how much water is best for you.

Clean Your Water

If your water is clean and tastes fresh, you’ll likely be motivated to drink more. Plain tap water, on the other hand, can leave a strange taste and have a chemical smell, making it less likely you’ll keep drinking.

Clean water is important for both health and taste. Drink filtered water as often as possible. If you’re using a refrigerator filter, be sure to replace it regularly. You can find a variety of filters at

Use a Large Bottle

For many, large bottles and water containers are the secret to chugging enough water throughout the day.

The best types are those with measurement markings so you can track how much water you’re drinking. Fill up a large water bottle, and keep it near you throughout the day.

Eat Your Water

Water isn’t only for drinking—you can eat it too.

Fruits, vegetables, soups, and broth are filled with hydrating water. Add more of these water-rich foods to your diet to help you consume enough water while satisfying your appetite.

Choose the Right Temperature

There’s some debate about the best temperature for water. It’s believed that hot and cold water affect the body differently. Some even avoid drinking water at certain temperatures, such as cold water with ice, for health reasons.

However, if your goal is to drink more water, it’s important to choose a temperature that you enjoy. Whether you prefer room temperature, ice cold, or even steamy hot, choose the temperature that makes you want to keep drinking.

Add Flavor

If plain water isn’t appealing for you, try adding a little flavor.

A squeeze of lemon is a simple way to add a refreshing zing to your water. You can also try water infused with cucumber, herbs, or berries for some fresh and natural flavor.

Learn How to Drink More Water With These Healthy Tips

Learning how to drink more water doesn’t have to be a chore. Remembering to drink enough water is essential for health, energy, and productivity. Challenge yourself to drink more with these tips. Be sure to also check out our other health and fitness articles for more healthy ideas!

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