The Next Best to Actual Antiques – Real Samurai Swords for Sale

The Next Best to Actual Antiques – Real Samurai Swords for Sale

When it comes to collecting weapons, authentic and historic pieces are definitely preferred. But it’s not always possible to find ancient, iconic weapons as they are rare and very expensive. That doesn’t mean that anyone who likes collecting swords and other weapons can’t still buy them.

Samurai Sword

Samurai swords are definitely quite high on the list of collectible weapons because of their history and their grace. That is why there are high-quality, but authentic swords available in the market for interested collectors.

How Much Is A Real Samurai Sword?

If you are looking for an authentic Samurai Sword, there is a chance that you might not find any. Because they were mainly used in ancient Central Asia, most of them are national treasures or passed down generations as family heirlooms.

  • The next best thing to do is to find high-quality replicas of those originals that are less expensive.
  • An average antique swordcan cost from $12,000 to $25,000.
  • Even if you have that kind of money, it’s impossible to start a collection with that high a price.
  • You can still collect antique designs that cost much less but don’t compromise on quality.

Where to Buy the Best Samurai Sword?

Collecting weapons is a strenuous hobby, as you need to find the most beautiful piece. Luckily, with something as iconic as a samurai sword, there are countless quality replicas available.

  • You just need to search thoroughly online. You can buy swords in local pawn shops or off other sword enthusiasts, but if you need variety, turn to the internet.
  • There is a plethora of authentically designed, high-quality samurai swords available online.
  • There are multiple online retailers like Knife Import that have the best collection of samurai swords for sale across the U.S.
  • You can browse through the inventory online, compare prices and designs, and choose from the variety of swords available.

How Do I Get A Samurai Sword For Cheap?

There is definitely a difference between looking cheap and being cheap. You can easily find something aesthetically pleasing which is affordable as well. Online retailers not only have a large collection of swords, they also have the best quality. They have cheap swords that are soft on the eyes and the price tags. You don’t need to spend a couple of thousand dollars to get the best samurai sword for your collection.

Here are some wholesale swords that will change your perception about buying replicas:

  • Samurai Katana Sword with Spoke Guard – Black – this sword screams simplicity and class. It truly embodies the central Asian minimalist aesthetic. On top of that, it features a black lacquer finished scabbard and a stainless steel blade in just $16.09.
  • Dragon Samurai Katana Sword – Black and Red Cord Wrapped Handle – made of high-quality carbon steel, this beautiful sword is also durable. It has a special black wood scabbard with Japanese inscriptions to add a little extra design flair. This timeless sword costs only $13.79 a piece.
  • 3 Piece Japanese Sword Set With Dragons Stand Included – there are no better collectible swords than the ones that come with their own swag. This 3-piece sword set features a simulated mother of pearl scabbards and a dragon sword stand. If there is any collectible artifact that you want to add to your collection to enhance the drama, this is it. You would normally have to pay thousands of dollars to get something like this. You can get this set for a mere $42.59 at wholesale price.

Welcome to the world of collectible cool swords that don’t break your pocket. Choose your favorite designs and start a sword collection that looks like a million dollars, at one-tenth the price.


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