The major current trends in online gambling in 2021

The major current trends in online gambling in 2021

The pandemic and the associated new rules for visiting land-based gambling establishments and various sporting events have led to a number of changes in the industry. Online gambling has become very popular. It is expected to grow at an average rate of 8.1% per year over the next 5 years. Leading analysts predict that by the end of 2021 online gambling industry profits will reach $ 1 trillion. The greatest growth is predicted for the casino sector. So, in the struggle for the user and, accordingly, the profit, operators are introducing new categories of games, and improving the existing ones.

Expanding the range of games

The rapid development of the online gambling sector is associated with the emergence of new technologies. They are being adopted by game developers and casino operators, offering players completely new varieties of games. In addition, the ideas of the players themselves about what modern casinos and bookmakers should be like are changing. Here are a few trends that will play a decisive role in the development of the gambling industry:

  • Live dealer games have become very popular in the last few years. And this is only the beginning of their successful development. This year, it is expected to further popularize live games in conjunction with VR technology. The developers plan to create even more realistic games with improved functionality and open new studios for broadcasting games in real time.
  • One of the innovations in the gambling industry is the use of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies that take players into a new reality – the fictional world of gambling created by digital systems. Unlike live casinos, instead of a live dealer, here you play with an avatar. In turn, augmented reality technology adds virtual elements to the real world, and we see a completely new space, in which it is difficult to distinguish truth from fiction.
  • Individual games. The creation of slots or other games for individual orders will also be included in the top offers of online casinos. The development of unique slots will allow operators to gain a competitive advantage in the market and maximize brand awareness.
  • Today, many online casinos have a variety of slots with skill elements. This is about different functions. So slots are becoming more and more like video games and this technology puts player skills rather than luck at the top. Different bonus features allow the player to choose from several types of bonuses, which affects the course of the gameplay in subsequent free rounds. Modern providers have developed video slots with heroes of popular blockbusters and TV series, which make it possible to actually play your favorite characters. They feature stunning graphics and sound effects that deliver a realistic storyline. The use of video game dynamics and video game thinking will become a new trend in gambling and promises new missions, competitions, bonus programs and rewards.
  • Recently, especially due to quarantine restrictions, the popularity of virtual sports and eSports betting has sharply increased. While physical games like soccer or rugby may be canceled, players will continue to make money from games like League of Legends or virtual football. Now these are very attractive markets for online casino operators, given that there are over 1 billion video game players worldwide.

The number of online casino operators is also growing. Therefore, they have to make every effort to be most attractive to their customers. This means not only introducing new, exciting products, but also updating existing ones, as well as constantly looking for ways to make the games more interesting and engaging.

One example of a successful online casino is Shangri La. The platform received its first visitors in 2016 and since then has gathered a large army of fans. At the time of launch, it offered slots, live dealer games and classic sports betting. And from the first days of its work, the site has been actively introducing new technologies, providing players with new opportunities for gambling. To date, a total of 2,000+ games from 50+ providers are presented in the site’s collection. Among them are scratch cards, slots with elements of skills, new games with odds betting. In the sportsbook section, you can find virtual sports and e-sports and place bets in real time. Livecasino online games now offer more viewing angles and additional gameplay options.

As you can see, adaptation to the era of technologies, when they develop at a very high speed, is important for any industry.

Mobile gambling in 2021        

With the advent of mobile phones and other devices, online casino developers have created various applications offering online slots, poker, blackjack and many other popular games, making gambling more accessible than ever. While desktop sites are undoubtedly user-friendly, mobile casinos are taking gambling to a whole new level.

The mobile gambling industry has grown so rapidly in recent years that having a mobile version of an online casino site is now the standard adhered to all reputable gambling platforms. In an effort to bring all the latest innovations to life, Shangri La Casino and Sports launched its own mobile app in early 2021. To take advantage of a mobile casino, you just need to download this mobile application to your device and register. After that, you can start playing. The application allows you to use the full range of options of the main site, guarantees an uninterrupted connection and provides access to the entire games selection.

New options for depositing and withdrawing funds

Most online casinos offer their users several different deposit and withdrawal methods. Traditional payments such as credit cards and e-wallets are still in high demand, but the popularity of cryptocurrency is gaining more and more momentum. It is ideal for both parties. For the player – it provides additional account security, does not ask for personal identification and differs in the speed of financial transactions and withdrawals. For casinos, it additionally attracts bitcoin wallet owners. This is mainly a progressive audience that makes big bets. And it should also be noted that there are no transaction fees.


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