The Best MPVs in 2021

The Best MPVs in 2021

Multi-Purpose Vehicles – more commonly referred to as people carriers – are practical, large cars used to transport big families. A good people carrier needs to be spacious, economical, comfortable, and have changeable seating arrangements. Modern Multi-Purpose Vehicles have performance characteristics that are not too much worse than their saloon car cousins and safety features that help keep you and your family protected. This article lists 5 of the best MPVs available in 2021. Keep an eye for any of these vehicles as they appear on the used market if you want to save a considerable amount of cash. 

Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer 

The Citroen Grand C4 Spacetourer is somewhat of a masterpiece when it comes to MPV design. Its spaceship-like interior feels huge, and an entire family can travel in wonderful comfort over long distances with lots of baggage. However, if you don’t feel like buying a new SpaceTourer, Citroen C4 MPVs is one of the best-used people carriers on the market, available at dealerships like Car Centre Northwich

Volkswagen Sharan

Volkswagen has a long history of producing great people carriers, so it is no surprise that their recent Sharan models have received round critical acclaim. The Sharan has a powerful engine and decent suspension – meaning that it drives more similarly to a saloon than a minivan. In addition, it features heavy rear seats, which can be a pro or a con depending on your desired balance between ease of use and a sense of security. 

Ford S Max

The Ford S Max gives you everything you need in a family wagon while running very economically. It isn’t the fastest or the most luxurious vehicle on this list, but it will serve you well for years to come while saving you money all the way down the line. The S Max is slightly less spacious than the Galaxy, but this shouldn’t matter, providing you are not planning on incredibly long journeys with 7 people in the cabin. 

Ford Galaxy

The Ford Galaxy is a no-frills, no surprises family MPV that has been in production in various iterations for years and years. It remains Ford’s flagship people carrier in European markets, and for a good reason: it is spacious, economical, and no-nonsense. Spare parts are easy to come by, and there are used Galaxys available in abundance in the United Kingdom. 

Citroen Berlingo 

The Berlingo is a distinctly European take on the Multi-Purpose Vehicle concept. Drive around any French province, and you are bound to see Berlingo MPVs of various generations just about everywhere. The Berlingo is starting to make its mark on the UK auto scene. It has a high ceiling, good enough performance, and dirt cheap spare parts available. Citroen Berlingo people carriers are tough as nails and very reliable. They can be used as work vans at a pinch if you remove the rear seats. In addition, the newest Berlingo people carriers released by Citroen are incredibly flexible when it comes to storage solutions

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