Sustainability Cosmetic Brands Does Not Deserve A Beauty Prize

Sustainability Cosmetic Brands Does Not Deserve A Beauty Prize

StoereVrouwen and Rank a Brand examined 30 cosmetic brands for their impact on health, working conditions, animal welfare, the environment, and climate. It is time for consumers to distinguish cosmetic brands from each other.

Now that the Natural Beauty Case campaign of StoereVrouwen has started, the results of the survey are known: 4 of the 30 brands score high in the ranking. The other 4 score reasonably well and 22 brands fail.

Buy versus keep your wallet-Cosmetic

The 30 brands have been ranked by Rank a Brand in five scores with recommendations: From A ‘buy but’ to E ‘keep your wallet with you’. There is no brand that does it 100% perfectly. Weleda has noticed that the best scores.

Dr. Hauschka, Logona, and Santé will follow. All four are given the criterion of being on the right track. The brands with a C that have to work a little harder are Botanique, Lavera, Living Nature, and Zao.

22 Brands score the lowest with a D or E, such as Nivea, L’oréal, HEMA, Zwitsal, and Estee Lauder, but also brands such as Rituals, De Tuinen and Lush. Rank a Brand advises not to buy brands with an E until they improve their policy and make them more sustainable. Learn more sustainable beauty 


Brands that score high are mainly well on their way in terms of using natural ingredients and avoiding harmful substances. Points for improvement are mainly in the working conditions in countries where farmers and (child) workers obtain the basic ingredients for our cosmetics, such as India.

 In terms of animal welfare, Rank a Brand looks at the use of tests on animals. Many brands, including one of the largest manufacturers L’oréal, allow testing on animals in countries like China where it is legal. Botanique is the only brand that is 100% vegan.
After the initial findings, Rank a Brand approached each brand to supplement the information itself if necessary. Only 12 of the 30 brands responded and provided feedback.

Events ”Beauty: Go Natural! ‘

During the campaign days, from 22 to 30 June, StoereVrouwen and Rank a Brand will travel to five cities to personally explain the ranking and answer questions during ‘Beauty: Go Natural!’.

With workshops from Weleda, Living Nature, Dr. Hauschka, Terrasana and Rivera, for their choice of natural cosmetic products. The events are held in The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle, and Groningen. For more information and ticket sales:

Transparent beauty case

The majority of cosmetic brands are not transparent about the (meaning of) ingredients, the labor process, and the origin of the products. StoereVrouwen is changing that.

As an ideal image of transparent and sustainable cosmetics production, StoereVrouwen presents its physical ‘Natural Beauty Case’: transparent and filled with natural products such as flowers, vegetables, and fruit. You see what you choose.

New: cosmetics App Rank a Brand

From 22 June, the Rank a Brand app can be used for the first time in the field of cosmetics: an extra tool to go for the most sustainable brands while shopping. The ranking and app are the first steps towards transparency in cosmetics production.

StoereVrouwen is a platform and campaign agency that has been stimulating for 10 years to use the power of your wallet in a positive and conscious way, by spending your euros on brands and companies that you support.

 StoereVrouwen has brought important sustainable themes to the attention with campaigns such as the Groene Sint, Strip for Fair Fashion and Fair Valentine.

Rank a Brand is the largest sustainable brand comparison site in Europe and compares more than 700 brands in clothing, shoes, electronics, telecom, travel, food, and drink on sustainability and social responsibility.


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