SEO for Law Firms: Growing The Online Visibility For Law Firm Clients

SEO for Law Firms: Growing The Online Visibility For Law Firm Clients

With ever-growing digital marketing and its tie-up with the legal world, lawyer SEO helps in staying ahead in the competitive market. SEO for law firms is different from others in terms of many critical things.

So, what should you do to develop an effective SEO strategy for your law firm websites

We are here to help. In this article, we will help you in growing online visibility for law firm clients. Let’s see how you can do it

What is Law Firm SEO?

Law firm SEO is a process of creating an effective law firm website design that aids in the visibility and potential of your client. The chances of your clients getting a hit are tenfold upon improving their visibility. However, you need to employ the right strategies to optimize legal websites according to the search engine. 

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SEO Practices for Law Firm Websites

Before drafting a plan for your law firm client, make sure that you both are on the same page. For instance, a lawyer’s website usually aims to provide educational information or services with the intent to receive calls, emails, or messages for the firm. 

Usually, the prospective clients are nearby, searching for a good law firm that can help them. Hence, targeting the right audience is important. Furthermore, focusing on your competitors is also crucial. You should know what other legal websites are practicing to create an effective strategy for your client.

How is Legal SEO Different? 

The crux of SEO is the same whether it is legal or not. However, the SEO basics implemented for law firms are different in terms of subjects. For instance, a law firm website will focus on law-related keywords, soliciting online reviews for lawyers, legal services offered, and so forth. 

So, how can you benefit the most from it? We have the answers.

Strategies for Law Firm Websites

  • Google Analytics

Before creating any strategy, a law firm should know where its visitors are coming from. They should know the geographical location, the type of device they are using, and the websites referring to them. 

Now, you can get such insights by taking help from the Google search console and Google analytics. These tools will help you in evaluating your SEO strategies and their results on your website traffic as well as rankings. 

  • SEO and Structured Data

Aside from analytics, structured data is also a sure shot way to provide your clients with improved online rankings. Setting up the right information in a structured way is important to let search engines understand your website. 

For instance, these are the most information you should have on your website

  1. Legal services
  2. Your organization along with address, awards, founders, and so on 
  3. Place including map and logo
  4. Local business including opening hours and price

Furthermore, you can also add potential SEO keywords in the above information to make the best out of your website. 

  • Local SEO

As we mentioned before, it is crucial for you to know your client’s demographics. The next step you need to take is to set up a local law firm SEO.

Google My Business or GMB page is the one where most law firms are found by clients. It is easy and simple to use but lawyers listings are a little difficult to add. Furthermore, the listing becomes more difficult when solo practitioners share an office space. 

Also, remember to use multi-location local SEO for lawyers to benefit from different locations. Make sure to check your name, address, phone, and opening hours correctly before making them live. 

You can also aim for different law firm directories including Avvo, FindLaw, Jurist,, and so on. 

What to Avoid?

So far, you know what to do but you should also know what not to do. Here are some of the practices that you should avoid as these can affect your online ranking to a great extent

  • 24×7 Services

Almost every law firm website you visit will claim 24×7 around the clock services. However, it never implies the firm working 24 hours a day. Make sure to mention the correct working hours when your office location is staffed for services. 

  • Virtual Offices

Of late, it has become more popular to create listings for virtual offices to achieve a good ranking in local searches. This can also lead to setting up a fake office, altered photos, and phony addresses that can cause your brand image. It is best to avoid this from happening as Google can easily clear out the lies.

  • Unnecessary Keyword Stuffing

Stuffing keywords is important. However, stuffing them unnecessarily is going to do more harm than good. Don’t go for made up keywords. For instance, John Mathew Law seems fine. However, John Mathew’s best divorce lawyer in New York is a big no. 

To Sum it Up

Legal domain is not easy. It is competitive which makes it difficult to stand out. However, with smart and effective SEO strategies you can check whether your methods are working along with the traffic generated.

If you are looking for such effective SEO strategies for your law firm website, hire an experienced and trained team of digital marketers! We wish you all the best! 


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