Make sugar wax at home? We tell you how to use it to wax!

Make sugar wax at home? We tell you how to use it to wax!

If you have no way to go to the clinic or salon to wax, we have the perfect remedy to put an end to your hair problems: sugar wax. Have you heard about it before? It is an inexpensive, natural, and highly useful homemade procedure, which has even been used since ancient Egypt.

We have already tried it and it DOES work – in addition to leaving the skin clearer and smoother due to the active ingredients of its ingredients – only that waxing has its dos and don’ts so that it comes out well from the first preparation. Here we leave you everything you need to know so that you can try it at home, and without hurting yourself!


You’ll need:

200g sugar

The juice of a regular lemon (or half of a large one)

3 tablespoons of water

sugar, lemon, and honey

If you have brown sugar, you can replace it with regular sugar. Just change the color!

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Mix all the ingredients in a pot and bring to medium heat, until you get a honey-colored liquid. It is important that you are stirring so that the sugar does not burn because, if that happens, your wax will no longer work! Learn more wax sugar

When you achieve that color, pour the liquid into a thick glass container.


Next, take some of the wax with a tongue blade, wait until it reaches room temperature and distributes a generous layer on the part you want to depilate, in the sense that the hair grows. (Remember to do it in small parts of maximum 10 x 10 cm).

Then, adhere a piece of cotton cloth or pillón over the wax, press a little, and pull one of the ends, in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

woman waxing

Some methods apply and peel off the wax by hand, but this is tricky if you’re a first time.

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Repeat the steps with the entire area to be waxed and, when finished, remove that sticky sensation of the sugar residue, with a little almond oil. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water and apply an ultra-moisturizing cream.

TIP G: We do not recommend using it on sensitive areas such as the face or bikini area, since the skin is thinner and you can hurt yourself.


You probably overused water in the preparation, put the mixture on high heat, and it burned or didn’t let the sugar melt completely.

If your mixture is fine and what you do not get is waxing, you may be applying the product in the opposite direction to the hair and the sugar does not stick completely. The area may also be moist (or filled with products, such as body creams), preventing the hairs from shedding.

wax application in the armpit

We also do not suggest you apply flour or powder before waxing, as some methods indicate, since it makes waxing difficult.

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Many people recommend exfoliating before applying the sugar wax, but this is very aggressive for girls with sensitive complexions or problems in the skin barrier. What we recommend is to wash the area beforehand with warm water and soap, in order to remove the remains of products.

Another thing you can do to avoid hurting yourself is to tighten the skin a little with your fingers so that, when pulling, the movement does not hurt so much.

And be careful, if your skin tends to be irritated, before finishing the procedure with the moisturizer, apply compresses of chamomile tea or aloe vera extract to calm the surface.


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