Installation Of Offset Quadrant Shower Tray In Your Bathing Area

Installation Of Offset Quadrant Shower Tray In Your Bathing Area

A shower tray in the bathroom is the innovation in the fittings and the offset quadrant shower tray is designed for the respective enclosure in the bathroom. These can be in numerous sizes as well, including square, round, and walk-in shower enclosure.

These are mostly custom spaces built to take a bath. Two components of the enclosure are the toilet and the walls. The trays must form a base for the shower tub. We come with curved sides called “jaws” which prevent fungal growth and wood rot from draining water through the space between walls.

 The roadmap towards the installation-Shower Tray 

Make sure your bathroom has an offset quadrant shower tray with the right jaws in its installation kits. Although custom shower enclosures need some experts to install and thus are very costly.

Without expert assistance, you can mount the most ready-created trays and enclosures at home. Although it is a little bit harder to rate this job, it is not so complicated with a step-by-step approach. 

The tricky aspect is the tray. We render installation much more straightforward than it looks through these easy steps. 

  1. Enough equipment: Before we start installing the object, the following equipment is needed. Tape calculation, sand, cement mix, tank, trowel, some thin-set mortar, boiler, flat-faced tubing, and of course the shower tray.
  2. Depending on the area, form, and size of the place it is being installed, the tray should be adequate. Please be careful to assess the area covered and buy a shower tray. That is how the tray with the above system can be mounted. 
  3. Proper measurement: Cover the floor with a sandy sheet of two inches thick and place over it a two-inch concrete layer. To smooth it out, use a trowel.
  4. The foundation for your plate must be even, and any holes and gaps on the ground must be filled. Try to stop the drain with sand and cement. The foundation is going to dry for a day.
  5. Proper fixation: Give it a thin 1/2-inch layer of mortar once the base is ready, which functions as the adhesive and keeps the cupboard of the shower. Take the object on either side of the tray and drill two holes. Now, mount it carefully and ensure that the drain is aligned.
  6. Screw on the flat-faced screws to tightly hold the shower table. And then you can install, hinge, and use the walls in the sockets. Your shower enclosure is ready.

You can go to the slippery and lustrous offset quadrant shower tray in white and black glossy tone from the Royal bathrooms the UK in case you are looking for something that does not take much bathroom space, and still serves the purpose of building a stylish shower area.

These trays are attached to the floor with only a water outlet and an elevated water contour. They come in rectangle, corner triangle, round, rectangular or asymmetrical shapes.


The preferred colour is white, although there are other colours. Grooves are also present and can be smooth on the surface of the tray. These trays may be inserted or individually used in an enclosure as one wishes.

The tray is so trouble-free that it can be carried out by itself, but you must decide whether it is placed directly on the floor, or at a level stand. 

Go and get an offset quadrant shower tray, though they look shiny and sensitive, they are usually made of stone resin that is a durable material that can withstand high pressure without any difficulty.

This tiny thing can save your bathroom from any permanent damage and will also assure about a splash-free shower area. Have fun and make a difference today!


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