Huawei Band 6: Give You the Best Health Care

Huawei Band 6: Give You the Best Health Care

Compared with the smartwatch, the band wins because it’s lighter and slimmer resulting in more comfortable while doing sports and sleeping. Also, it has the same features as the former. For this reason, more and more people look for a band that takes their fancy. Band 6 has given Huawei’s band line a giant leap forward especially when it comes to workout modes. After testing it thoroughly, I think it’s the very best of the best for those who look for a careful health professor for their needs.


We’ve noted that Huawei has given Band 6 an ambitious invention and an especial aesthetic caring in comparison with the previous models.

The screen offers a display area that is 148% higher than previous bands with a 194* 368-pixel resolution, which means it has a wilder horizon with more details of the data, specifically, bigger photos, more exercise stats, and constant heart rate monitoring.

The band’s design is based on the company’s constant fashion principles trying to create an energetic and young impression. The company offers a huge variety of watch face designs to choose from, accessible through the Huawei Watch Face Store. Surely you’ll find something that sways you according to your mood. You can obtain your favorite one with a simple swipe. Also, you can choose your own photos. But, obviously, it produces a limitation of its use in formal situations, so, in my view, it’s a brand for the gym instead of for the office.

Workout modes

One of the most powerful features of Band 6 is 96 workout modes to satisfy all your sports needs including 11 exercise modes like running, cycling, and rowing and 85 custom modes, such as dancing and extreme sports. As what the company intends, when you’re putting all your effort into working out, let Huawei Band 6 take care of the rest. In fact, Band 6 has become my most utilized band at the time of doing sports. Thanks to its accurate tracking of heart rate, calories, and maximum oxygen uptake, professional analysis and suggestions of records, as well as motivating reminders and notifications, I’ve got the fitness plan that inspires me to reach my goals. In a way, Band 6 has become my personal health coach.

However, I need to remind you Band 6 doesn’t have GPS, so it’s impossible to record motion trajectory automatically. In my view, some changes in this respect would have made this an even more exciting device.

Fitness tracking

If you look for a device to track your fitness, Band 6 has nailed it perfectly offering all-day SpO2 monitoring, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking to take you an overall health report. Health problems have become a worrying concern for a lot of people. It’s known that Huawei always focuses on providing the customers with a better quality of life and Band 6 is a good reflection. During the time with Band 6, I realize that the band can measure my SpO2, stress level, sleep quality, and heart rate automatically providing 24/7 health monitoring and in case of above safe levels, it sends me alert and gives me the advice to help me improve my health and regain a less stressed and balanced life. Especially, I always suffer from sleep problems, with the help of sleep improvement suggestions offered by Band 6, finally, I find ways to get better sleep.

Battery Life

When looking for a band, it’s worth considering its battery life. Band 6 offers 14 days’ battery life for typical use and 10 days for heavy use. If the battery runs out, you can get a two days’ use from 5minutes’ charging. In this respect Band, 6 has beaten many similar products and free the wearers from frequent charging tasks with long battery life. In reality, few manufacturers can meet this success, so it has been considered as its pride.


In the end, what makes a band worth considering? It needs to offer excellent performance, build quality, and battery life. Precisely, Band 6 has achieved these goals successfully, so if you’re tired of the incompetence of some other bands, maybe Band 6 will change your mind, if it’s the first time that you purchase bands, Band 6 will give you a good beginning.

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