How Can I Create a Digital Marketing Funnel That Actually Converts?

How Can I Create a Digital Marketing Funnel That Actually Converts?

A digital marketing funnel is a content marketing strategy that smart marketers rely on to generate sales for their business. Only 9% of content marketers think their strategies are excellent.

That’s because the marketing industry tends to focus on the wrong metrics. If you’re creating a digital marketing funnel, you’ll need to know the best ways to convert customers.

Read on to learn how to create a digital marketing funnel that converts leads into sales.

1. Know the Target Market

Your target market looks to your business for certain needs. They want to feel better about their home’s exterior. They want peace of mind, or to feel more confident.

Your job as a business owner is to discover what your customers’ emotional needs are. This allows you to develop a digital marketing funnel that speaks to those needs.

2. Set Digital Marketing Funnel Goals

What are the goals of your digital marketing funnel? This allows you to apply the right focus to the appropriate steps of the funnel.

If you’re to compare a branding vs conversion advertising campaign, you’ll find that a branding campaign is about casting a wide net. Your focus is at the top of the funnel.

In a conversion campaign, you’ll focus on the middle and bottom stages of the digital marketing funnel to convert customers.

3. Create the Customer Journey

The customer journey outlines every step a person goes from learning about your business to becoming a customer.

They’ll learn about your business through branding activities, such as SEO and social media. Paid ads qualify as branding activities, too.

The next step brings a customer to your website or they might join an exclusive Facebook group to know more about your offerings.

As trust builds between you and your prospects, they’ll research products and services when they’re ready to buy. Your company is under consideration because they’ve taken an interest in your brand.

4. Have a Useful Offer

Do you know what your offer is? This is the product or piece of content that entices people to sign up to your list or buy.

The best way to convert customers is to have an offer that they find useful. For instance, if you want someone to sign up to your list, you want to provide content that helps them.

A fitness business can offer a weight-loss ebook. A landscaper that offers DIY landscaping tips can attract conversions.

Understanding your customers’ needs is the key to create a successful offer.

5. Tweak and Improve

Just because you have your digital marketing funnel set up doesn’t mean that your work is finished. Smart marketing experts turn their attention towards conversion optimization.

They’re constantly testing headlines, images, and landing pages to optimize their results. These minor improvements over time turn into big results.

Create the Best Sales Funnel for Your Business

The digital marketing funnel tips in this article show you step by step how you can create a funnel to convert customers.

Take the time to apply these tips and you’ll see more sales in no time. If you want the scoop on more business tips, be sure to visit the blog today!


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