Highest Resolution Cameras For You In 2020

Highest Resolution Cameras For You In 2020

These multi-megapixel beasts are the most elevated goal cameras on the open market. How far will you go to achieve the ultimate resolving power?

The Sony A7R Mark IV is the highest resolution full-frame camera you can buy – but there are cameras with a lot more megapixels than this one. We’re finding out where the A7R Mark IV ranks in the megapixel rankings right now, and our list includes some of the best medium format cameras and the best mirror less cameras you can buy right now.

Megapixels cost cash, obviously, and the best proficient cameras unavoidably come at a significant expense. We just incorporate cameras that you can really purchase, not models, unique cases, specials on hand, or improvement ideas.

We also did not select all models and permutations in the range of all manufacturers. If we did this, the Phase One and Hasselblad lists alone would be unmanageable. Instead, we went with the flagship models from each camera line.

Highest resolution camera Phase One XT

The Phase One XT is an extraordinary highest resolution camera. Stage one wouldn’t like to consider it a “specialized” camera or a “field” camera, yet that is the nearest depiction. It’s an extremely compact modular system that uses the same IQ4 digital backs as the Phase One XF system above, but is designed for portability and travel.

It has its own inherent focal point developments for viewpoint remedy and depends on the LCD screen on its advanced back to form pictures. It also uses its own lens mount and lenses, so the cost of buying the XT itself is just the start.


  • Very compact and portable
  • Optional mono digital back


  • Incredibly expensive
  • Limited range of objectives

Pentax 645Z with highest resolution

Never forget Pentax! The 645Z has been around for so long, it’s easy to overlook the fact that it was the camera that made medium format affordable and still ranks among the best Pentax cameras.

Nowadays, its DSLR build, size, 3fpx max burst speed, and Full HD video make it feel like it’s outdated and less and less relevant, but its resolution still places it in the top half of our highest resolution list ever, and if you like an old-school approach, its design might appeal to you far more than its recent mirror less rivals.


  • Large sensor with large number of pixels
  • Tilting screen compatible with Live View


  • Big and heavy (1.5 + kg without lens)
  • It’s good, but now 5 years

Highest resolution Camera Panasonic Lumix S1R

Yes, the Lumix S1R is 3 million pixels smaller than the Canon EOS 5DS / R, but it’s a camera designed for the modern digital age of 4K video and content creation, where the Canon is owned by an older and simpler era.

We have to put the Lumix S1R below the Canon in our megapixel list just on the numbers, but in reality the S1R represents the present while the EOS 5DS / R is the past.


Huge resolution

Premium 4K video


  • Heavy and expensive
  • Still limited range of objectives

Highest resolution Camera Nikon Z 7

The influx of full-frame mirror less cameras has brought a new round of megapixel wars. The Nikon Z 7 stole a step from the Sony A7R III with around 3 million pixels more, but then came Panasonic and the Lumix S1R, which crept in a bit further.

Even megapixel fanatics would probably concede, however, that the Sony A7R III, Nikon Z 7, and Lumix S1R are close enough to be considered identical. It’s just a shame for Nikon and Panasonic that Sony has now released the A7R IV!


Value for money

45.7 million Pixels


Single XQD card slot

Still growing range of glasses

Fujifilm GFX 50R of best resolution Camera

Megapixels cost money, especially when you upgrade to a mid-size camera. But now, you can get that mid-format x factor in a camera that looks about half the size and is definitely less than half the price.

The GFX 50R doesn’t have the megapixels, phase-detection AF, or in-body stabilization of the GFX 100, but it’s not much more expensive than a high-end full-frame camera and gives you Completely different shooting experience and great RAW files.


Range finder type top plate controls

Compact weather resistant body


No 4K video offered

Modest burst mode and quiet AF


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