Gotta Go: Common Porta-Potty Myths

Gotta Go: Common Porta-Potty Myths

Around 60% of Americans say that they use a public restroom between 1 and 5 times per week. However, when the only public restroom option is a porta-potty, people are often more hesitant to use them. Even more so, people are hesitant to rent them for events that could benefit from having extra toilets.

That’s because there are some common myths around using a porta john that just isn’t true. Well, we’re here to clear things up for you!

Keep reading as we debunk the most common myths about portable restrooms.

They’re Only Useful During Large Events

Many people believe that they should only consider a porta-potty rental if they’re hosting a large event. That’s because you most often see portable toilets at events like outdoor concerts and festivals.

However, you can use a porta john for a number of different reasons, such as:

  • Residential and commercial construction sites
  • Movie sets
  • Parks and other outdoor spaces
  • Marathons or bicycle races
  • Natural disaster cleanup sites

There’s really no limit to the number of uses for a porta-potty.

They’re Unsanitary

One reason people are hesitant to use portable toilets is that they’re worried that the space is dirty or unsanitary. However, that’s not necessarily true. The cleanliness of a porta-potty depends on how often it’s cleaned, just like a regular toilet.

When you rent portable toilets for an event, they’ll come to you sanitized and free of germs. As long as you continue to clean the toilet seat, sink, and interior surfaces of the porta-potty on a regular basis, it will stay clean and sanitary.

Another way to help dispel the idea that portable toilets are dirty is to rent a luxury porta-potty for your event, to give your guests a new outlook on portable restrooms.

They’re Bad for the Environment

Living and practicing business sustainably is more important than ever before. If you’re looking to rent portable toilets, you might be worried that they’ll make a bad statement because they’re not good for the environment.

While this may have been true a long time ago, when the toilets contained lots of chemicals, it’s no longer the case today.

Since porta-potties are self-contained, they don’t rely on resources like electricity and water as traditional restrooms do. In that case, you can argue that a porta-potty is better for the environment than some other restrooms.

They Smell Bad

Have you been hesitant to use a portable restroom in the past because you’re worried about the smell that will greet you when you open the door? While we can’t say that a porta-potty will never smell, the truth is that smell isn’t an issue as long as the portable toilet is well-maintained.

As long as you use a portable toilet that flushes, you can expect it to smell no worse than a traditional bathroom, especially if it’s cleaned on a regular basis.

Don’t Fall for These Porta-Potty Myths

After reading more about these common porta-potty myths and why they’re not true, you should feel more comfortable using one or renting them for an upcoming event or project. You no longer have to be hesitant about portable toilets!

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