Everything To Know About Clove Cigarettes 

Everything To Know About Clove Cigarettes 

Clove Cigarette Historical Guide 

Have you been considering trying out clove cigarettes? Whether you’ve never heard of them before or have just discovered clove cigarettes and need more info, we can help. Below, we will walk you through what clove cigarettes are, where they come from, and which brands are best. At the bottom, we will even show you where to buy clove cigarettes at discount prices.

Clove Cigarettes 

About Clove and Kretek Cigarettes 

Clove cigarettes are most often internationally known as Kretek cigarettes. Originating in India, these cigarettes are made using tobacco, cloves, nutmeg, and other delicate aromatic spices and ingredients.

Due to the crackling sound, they make when smoked, these cigarettes were dubbed as “kreteks”. To elaborate, Kretek is an onomatopoeic word that represents burning crackle noises. 

Since they’re not made with the same harmful additives as standard factory cigarettes, clove variants are generally taxed less.

As such, they are comparatively cheaper to purchase in the United States. In India, 90% of smokers prefer Kretek (clove) cigarettes. In flavor, clove cigarettes are finely spiced, lightly sweet, aromatic, satisfying, and have a lovely aftertaste.  

The History of Clove Cigarettes 

With roots that stretch back to the 1800s in Indonesia, clove cigarettes may have originally been manufactured in Java. Suffering from chest pain, a man named Haji Djamhari was constantly using healing clove oil on his chest.

Soon after, Djamhari realized that found even more relief by adding clove buds to his hand-rolled cigarettes. According to historical records, Djamhari found immediate relief from his asthma, pain, and the stress it was causing him. 

Before long, word of his success spread through the Java region. Soon, clove cigarettes were so popular that they began showing up in pharmacies. At the time, they were sold under the name “Rokok Cengkeh”, which means clove cigarettes. As time went on, the kretek cigarette was born. 

Smoking Cloves Becomes Popular Worldwide

Keep in mind that in those early years, the locals used to roll their own cigarettes and sell them without branding or packaging. Therefore, a nearby resident named Nitisemito decided to start producing clove cigarettes in bulk. With this in mind, the first official clove brand was one that Nitisemito created called Bal Tiga. 

In 1910, Nitisemito’s clove cigarettes were known to contain nutmeg, rubber tree sap, cloves (obviously), and cumin. Then, they were wrapped in banana leaves. Quickly, these mass-produced branded Bal Tiga clove cigarettes became popular. 

From there, commercial and international manufacturing spread and began in earnest in the 1930s. By the mid to late 1960s, clove cigarettes were a national symbol of patriotism in the countries where they’d originated. By the 1980s, cloves were being machine rolled and mass-produced.

Consequently, they were soon sold internationally. As they say, the rest is history.

Top Clove Cigarette Brands to Consider

Today, clove cigarettes can be bought in over 50 countries around the world. Notably, this includes the United States. While they have been restricted as “flavored tobacco products” in some countries, thankfully, here they are legal.

Two of the most popular and renowned clove cigarette brands are Djarum and Dreams. Both brands sell exceptional clove cigarettes at low prices. Top-selling Djarum Clove Little Clove flavors include Emerald, Ivory, Ruby Silver, Sapphire, and Splash. Imported Dreams Clove variants include chocolate, vanilla, and cherry flavors.  

Where to Buy Premium Clove Cigarettes Cheap 

Did you know that you can easily buy clove cigarettes online at discount prices? Well, now you do! To shop for clove cigarettes at super-low bulk discount prices, simply click the link above. From there, you’ll be taken to one of the most impressive and reputable online retailers of clove cigarettes around.  


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