Don’t Go Fishing Without These Items

Don’t Go Fishing Without These Items

Fishing is a lot of fun. There’s nothing like standing out in the sun, surrounded by water and close to nature. However, the hour before you get out on the water is a completely different story. For many fishermen, that hour is spent tying knots, debating on lures or bait and carefully packing their tackle box. In order to make that hour a little less stressful, keep certain items packed and ready to go. These items are necessary no matter where you are and what you hope to catch.

Sun Protective Clothing

It may be nice to feel the breeze on your face, but when your arms and neck start burning in the sun you’ll want to have lightweight, protective clothing. Look for quality items from a reputable fishing brand, like¬†Simms wear Canada. These items will not only protect you from the sun but will keep you dry and cool. Don’t forget about areas not covered by a t-shirt and shorts. Protect your neck using neck gaiters. They are extremely versatile. Neck gaiters can be pulled up to protect the bottom of your face and ears. Consider wearing long sleeves with thumbholes or purchase fishing sleeves. The back of your hands and forearms get a lot of suns when you are fishing.


Certain items are needed for every type of fishing. These general tools should live in your tackle box. Carry two pairs of scissors, one for cutting lines and one to cut everything else. Line scissors must be kept extremely sharp to cut through a high gauge fishing line, so don’t waste that sharpness on cutting packages or tape. Every fisherman needs a good set of long-nosed pliers to split rings and bend wires.¬†Superglue can come in handy. Some fisherman like to use glue to keep their knots together or keep skirts and trailers attached to their jigs. Super glue can also be used in a pinch to close a wound.

Safety Gear

Always have a first aid kit with you when your fishing. Keep it in your car if you are fishing from land, or keep the kit on your boat. Accidents happen. Having some bandaids, Neosporin and antiseptic can mean the difference between packing it up early or fishing for another couple of hours. Waterproof tape has multiple uses on the water. It can be used to close a bad cut or make small rod repairs. Finally, invest in a pair or two of cut-resistant gloves. Besides filleting fish, these gloves can help if you get a hook stuck where it doesn’t belong or if you accidentally hook a bird or snake.

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