Debunking the Most Common SEO Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common SEO Myths That Exist Today

Search engine optimization seems pretty straightforward.

By optimizing your website’s functioning, design and content you can rank higher in search results online. Throw in a few keywords, get your HTML tags right and you’re good to go, right?

If you believe SEO is as straightforward as that, you definitely need to check out these common SEO myths that we’re about to debunk.

People start websites for a whole host of reasons, but most of those websites include both author boxes and guest posts. Why? Because these two elements are the key to an engaged audience and valuable content!

The More Keywords The Better

Keywords are those words that appear on your website which link it to search results. For example, if you’re a soccer coach you would optimize your webpage by including the phrases that someone might search for on Google, like “soccer coach, best soccer coach, US soccer coach” and the list goes on.

Look, keywords are important. They do hold a certain amount of sway when determining your ranking. But, too many keywords can actually be harmful to your SEO.

Google’s sophisticated algorithms recognize when a page is overusing keywords in an attempt to rank higher. There’s even a name for it – keyword stuffing. This is a common myth when it comes to beginner SEO. Instead of aiming to fit as many keywords into your site’s content as possible, rather aim for quality over quantity.

Social Matters

Social media is important for loads of things (consumer relationships, brand loyalty, and brand voice to name a few). But it really isn’t that important for SEO.

There’s a common misconception that a large social media following and frequent posting mean higher rankings in search results. This is definitely one of the biggest SEO myths.

The only thing that matters when it comes to social posts is whether or not they link to your page and increase your backlinks (these are other sites that link to your site). So, unless your post gets a lot of traction and other websites start linking to yours, don’t sweat the social stuff.

SEO Is a One-Off Investment

If you’ve decided to spruce up your website and get your SEO in order, you’ve made the right choice. When it comes to SEO, however, a once-off update just isn’t enough. Google is constantly updating the algorithms that determine its rankings.

When it comes to SEO rankings, posting killer content, with fresh links is essential. Content and links are two of the most important factors used to determine how Google classifies your website, and how high your website ranks.

So, you need to be updating your content and links at least weekly to be on top of your SEO game. It’s a full-time job. So make it worth it by looking for the best SEO company in your area (try Googling ‘SEO services Miami‘ for example) and investing in some SEO expertise.

SEO Myths Busted

SEO myths have been around since search engines themselves. It makes sense that so many of us still believe them, as SEO is constantly evolving. But with the right SEO professionals optimizing your site, you won’t even have to worry about staying on top of things.

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