5 Things to Look for In a Workers Comp Attorney

5 Things to Look for In a Workers Comp Attorney

Filing a workers’ comp case is one of the most complicated parts of workers’ compensation. Understanding how the rate, wages, and multipliers work doesn’t make someone an expert workers’ comp attorney.

Only typing in “workers’ comp attorney near me,” doesn’t cut it either. How do you know they’re the attorney that will win you the case, max out your benefits, and keep future premiums low?

Keep reading to find out what to look for in the right workers’ compensation attorney!

1. Experience in the Process

A workers’ comp attorney should know how to file workers comp forms efficiently and thoroughly. This isn’t a process that they should be Googling a blog for or be doing for the first time.

Every attorney chooses a different specialization, and the specialization of your workers’ comp attorney should be workers’ comp.

2. Experience in Injury Workers’ Comp Cases

Sometimes, people are confused about exactly what is workers’ comp. Worker’s comp is a type of insurance companies are required to purchase that covers injuries at the workplace, from minor to major and acute to chronic.

Having an attorney that has experience in various types of injuries, especially unique ones, is a huge bonus for you. Not all workers’ compensation cases involve injury, but an attorney who is familiar with this area of the industry and is familiar with the medical treatments necessary can help dramatically.

3. Proactive and Positive

No one likes a Debbie-downer, and this is true for workers’ comp attorneys, too. An attorney that isn’t confident or is negative is usually one that is reactive. Instead of waiting for good things to happen, your attorney must know that they have to make it happen instead.

These attorneys are confident because of their track record.

4. A Good Reputation

A good record of successful cases is fantastic, but you want to make sure they look good in the public eye too.

A good public image is invaluable for your attorney to make lasting and useful connections. It could even be the case that previous clients are willing to go above and beyond to put you or the attorney in touch with each other.

Word of mouth is a much better recommendation than a win-record at the local BAR association.

5. Customer Service Skills

A free consultation offer is great, but it isn’t the only great customer service skill they need to have. Along with being positive about the case, they need to treat you with the respect you deserve and the attention your case deserves.

Workers’ compensation is a complex area of law and you’ll likely have a lot of questions. If they can answer these questions with patience and empathy, those customer service skills are a big part of a well-oiled law machine.

You can likely trust that they’ll answer your questions immediately or very soon without having to try and corner your attorney.

Finding Your Workers’ Comp Attorney

Finding your workers’ comp attorney will take time if you look for the right one. It might not be the first, second, or even fifth attorney you speak to. Because it could take some time you have no time to waste when you need to file your claim.

Did you find this article helpful in picking a workers’ comp attorney you can trust? Keep reading our articles for more helpful legal tips and advice!


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