5 Smart Incentives To Attract New Dental Patients

Did you know in 2020, there was a total of 189,040 dental practices in America? And the dental industry continues to grow, worth close to $37 billion at the beginning of 2021.

So how do you compete, stand out from the rest, and bring new dental patients to your practice? Your first step is to start getting creative with incentives.

If you want to inspire people to choose your dental clinic, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn about five smart incentives that will keep your patients coming back for more.

1. Offer New Patient Incentives

One of the first ways to attract new patients to your dental office is new patient specials. Whether a discount on a new patient dental exam or a new patient dental cleaning, you need to be strategic when pricing your packages.

Check out your competition and what new patient dental offers they have going. See what they’re charging, what types of packages they’re combining, and one-up the competition.

When people are looking for dental practices accepting new patients, the first place they’ll check is your website to see what incentives you’re offering.

2. Patient Financing

Not everyone has dental insurance, and paying out of pocket for healthcare simply isn’t an option for most people. You can form partnerships with companies like CareCredit, or offer financing options in your practice like payment plans.

By offering financing options, you’ll attract the patients that want to see you but don’t because they can’t afford to.

3. Offer Tooth Whitening

Offering in-office tooth whitening is a huge incentive that keeps patients coming back. You can then provide incentives along with it, such as a discount or a series of treatments for a set price.

You can even combine tooth whitening along with a new patient dental exam. By appealing to both what your patients want and need, you’ll bring more through your door.

4. Return Visit Packages

A great way to get your patients to return to your practice for their next exam is to offer an incentive for coming back for their next appointment. You can offer a discounted packages that include an X-ray, a cleaning, and an exam.

You could even throw in a free tooth whitening treatment to attract even more people and follow up with discounts for future tooth whitening appointments. This way, you’ll keep your patients coming back for more than just two appointments.

5. Set Up a Patient Referral System

Don’t forget that a lot of your patients should come from referrals by your current patients. So make sure you tap into this resource and set up a referral bonus program.

Motivate your patients by letting them know if they refer a friend or family member who ends up visiting your practice; they’ll get a bonus like a free product or discount on their next visit.

You can hand out referral cards to your patients during their visit and advertise the referral program on your website and social media pages.

A new patient referral system might also inspire you to go “digital dental” with new patient forms people can quickly fill out online. It’s time to ditch the clipboard make friends with technology.

New Dental Patients

Start using these tips today and get new dental patients in your practice tomorrow. Think creatively, do your research, and don’t be afraid to take chances and try new technology.

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