5 Facts About Bees That’ll Shock You

Did you know there are about two trillion bees all over the world? From captive bees that produce our honey to bees that pollinate flowers and crops, these tiny, winged friends are an integral part of our ecosystem.

Have you ever wondered about the importance of bees? Here are five facts about bees that will have you hungry for more.

1. They Can Impact Medicine

Many features that bees possess can have positive impacts on the future of our healthcare. For instance, the way that bee brains age backward may lead to breakthrough discoveries regarding dementia treatment.

When bees build their hives, they use a type of resin from trees called propolis, which has interesting health benefits for humans. Propolis can actually help to treat problems like cold sores and skin conditions, such as eczema.

2. Bees Pollinate Our Crops

The importance of bees in our agricultural system cannot be underestimated. Their work producing mass amounts of honey creates many jobs that would otherwise not exist.

In addition, bees influence the production of billions of dollars worth of crops every single year. Although you may only think of bees pollinating flowers, they play a huge role in the production of America’s food.

3. Bees Navigate Using the Sun

Like many creatures, bees have a built-in navigation system that is much better than humans. Usually, they rely on the sun as a compass, to point them in the right direction if they are out pollinating.

When cloudy weather covers up the sun, bees can use polarized light to stay on course. Bees have photoreceptors to track the sun’s position.

4. They Have Unique Personalities

You may only think about bees in the context of, why do bees die when they sting you? However, each of these small creatures has its own personality based on the job it does for the hive.

The research found that bees have personalities ranging from shy and reserved to bold. Bees have also shown signs that they can think negatively, just like humans do.

5. Different Types of Brain Chemistry

You may think that bees stay in the hive or out pollinating for their entire lives. However, one of the best bee facts is that they can actually change up jobs over their lifetime.

For example, if a worker bee switches to a different task within the hive, their brain chemistry will rewire in order to accommodate for the new job. Honeybees can do many different jobs in their lifetime.

Learn More Facts About Bees

If you ever see a bee in the wild, you can rest assured that they are doing their job. With these facts about bees and more, you can know all about these fascinating insects that contribute so much to our world.

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