5 Custom Car Paint Job Ideas That’ll Turn Heads Wherever You Go

5 Custom Car Paint Job Ideas That’ll Turn Heads Wherever You Go

The first car dates back to 1885 by Kal Benz, a German mechanical engineer. Since then people have been passionate about making their cars stand out and be unique.

Are you tired of your car blending in with the others and dream of it standing out and being seen? Read on to explore different custom car paint job ideas that’ll guarantee others will notice your vehicle.

How To Decide on a Paint Color for Your Car

First, take a look at the color wheel and determine what mood you’re looking to set. While red cars have the stereotype that they get pulled over more by cops, black has a darker look.

At the same time, black can be mysterious, elegant, and stylish. While red is considered powerful and exciting.

Black is a common color people choose when they want to appear wealthy. If you’re looking to blend in, the most popular colors are grey, black, brown, and red.

1. Two-Tone

Companies such as www.supremewrapsdallas.com can make your custom car paint job come to life. One of the best custom car paint jobs out there is a two-tone vehicle.

Why settle for one color when you can have 2? It doesn’t stop at 2 different colors, you can have an ombre effect, stripes, and other options.

2, Vinyl Wrapping

Instead of custom paint job ideas for cars, make your dream car a reality through the vinyl wrapping. This will change the entire color of your car fast.

First, it protects your car against small pebbles, scratches, and cracks. Next, you can choose multiple colors and the finish.

3. One Color

If you’re more of a classic person, then one solid color might be right for you. The options are matte, metallic, and pearlescent.

Pearlescent is where you use ceramic crystals. They refract and reflect light in order to enjoy different depths and color shades.

Another option is matte which is less popular so you’ll definitely turn heads. It’ll especially stand out with grey or black.

In order to increase the depth and shine, choose metallic paint. When the sun hits your car it’ll really stand out.

4. Fade Paint Job

The technique for two-tone paint with hard lines and two-tone fade is the same. The painter will start at the top of the vehicle until two-thirds are painted. After this, they paint the bottom with a different color.

5. Pale Tones

Choose pale tones if you’re looking to stand out on the roads. They’re lighter colors including tan, cream, and pale whites.

For a modern and classy feel, pale tones are the answer. When the sun hits your car, it’ll have a clean finish. In order to make it stand out even more, choose a darker color inside your car to make it look larger than it is.

Keep in mind that these colors are hard to clean. Since they don’t absorb heat well, they’re a great option for warmer climates. Pale tones are most popular with antique vehicles.

Vintage Paint Options

For vintage vehicle custom car paint jobs, take a look at the new developments in paint and the history of the vehicle. You’ll want to make sure that you abide by historical accuracy when it comes to vintage vehicles.

Keep in mind that what it was painted in the 60s, might not be the right choice for the 21st century. Also, it might be difficult to find a particular shade that you want it to be.

Pick Your Resin

Before you begin, you’ll want to first choose your type of resin. This can be lacquer, urethane, or enamel.

Lacquers are best for showroom cars since they’re high maintenance. Enamels are less expensive and have a glossy finish. For a more durable option, choose urethanes.

Next, decide whether or not you want a paint that requires an activator. If you choose two-part paints, they require an activator in order to form the chemical bond necessary. One-part paint doesn’t require a hardener or activator.

Avoid Cheap Colors

First, while you might be tempted to buy the cheapest option when it comes to painting jobs, don’t. This can wind up giving your car a terrible gloss, orange peel, poor coverage, or color retention.

Instead, look into your different options for high-quality paint jobs at an affordable price. You can even look into local mom and shop car centers in your area to see what paint options that you have.

Selling Your Vehicle

Keep in mind that some people might be turned off and it’s harder to sell unique colored cars. While others enjoy the fact that it’s unique.

Avoid too loud of color if you might be selling your vehicle in the near future. The good news is that custom elements on your vehicle don’t normally impact the value.

Other custom elements of your vehicle you can easily change or remove. Also, paint jobs you can paint over them before selling your car. Avoid colors that might be deemed ugly to others since that can impact the value of your car.

Exploring the Different Custom Car Paint Job Ideas

After exploring this guide on the different custom car paint job ideas you should have a better idea of your options. Take your time sifting through your color options and make sure to use color psychology when choosing the right color for your needs.

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